Liebende in einer Welt der Anpassung – gelesen auf seelenlandeplatz


Das Leben straft niemanden, der für die Liebe kämpft.

Auch wenn Kämpfen manchmal nur „stillhalten“ heißt . . .

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    1. What is most valuable to us as a human being in life?

      First of all, thank you for being here on my blog.

      You have asked a very important question but at the same time you can see it very individually.

      Still, I think there is a common tenor:


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    2. You are welcome.

      I think we can philosophise a lot about this matter, and it is hard not to come up with a culturally biased answer.

      I think that around the world, all cultures taken together, human beings do have the common desire of good human relationships.

      After all, people’s survival depends on such relationships since time immemorial.

      However, it is a matter of priorities; if one does not value such, then it is hard to dedicate enough attention to this.

      It is one’s freedom of choice, of course, to value or not to value (specific) human relationships; it remains a subjective matter of whether one agrees that certain human relationships, no matter of what kind, are the most valuable.

      In modern society, one may flourish individually much more than any other, and therefore it may also be harder than ever to build strong human connections that are based on love of some kind – love for parents, grandparents, siblings, partner, etc.

      I do, however, prefer not to see love as a struggle. Love can be decided by the power of one’s mind, and if one decided relationships are important, sufficient attention may be given to them. Relationships require prioritising and attention; lack of prioritising and attention will do any relationship a lot of harm, and this itself may turn love into a struggle, which I think is not necessarily desirable.

      Love gives comfort; the mental faculties of attention and prioritising can create such positive atmosphere, because they feed the relationship with human energy.

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